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Privacy Policy Made Easy

A Privacy Policy is a document which outlines what type of data you collect from your users, what this data is used for, where you store the data, who (if anyone) you share this data with and what rights your users have.

A Privacy Policy is required by law. There are a couple of specific regulations which you should be aware of, GDPR and CalOPPA. Please click on the links for further information on these. It is preferable that your Privacy Policy include these as you may attract users who fall under these laws.

A Privacy Policy should be able to be easily understood bu your users and we at have kept this in mind when drafting the policy.

International Law Compliant

compliant with GDPR, CalOPPA, CCPA and COPPA.

Google Analytics Compliant

if you use Google analytics to monitor your website traffic, we ensure your Privacy Policy complies with their terms of service.

Personally Identifiable Information clauses

Our policy clearly defines and explains what PII is, how you collect, use and maintain it

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Comprehensive Terms & Conditions in Minutes

A terms and conditions agreement is not currently required by law, however this doesn’t not mean you should not have one. Although most of the time your users will behave in a fair and just manner, a terms and conditions agreement can help protect you and your intellectual property from abuse or unlawful behaviour.

A terms and conditions agreement should include outlines for basic conduct, including a list of behaviours which will not be tolerated and could result in the termination of user’s accounts; an intellectual property clause, protecting your contents, logo and visual media under copyright law; your policy on advertisements and endorsements; your right to change the agreement and how you will notify users of any changes; refund and return policies and legal terms and conditions, to name a few.

Helping you create legally binding Terms and Conditions

our terms and conditions agreement includes the clauses required for an enforceable contract.

Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright clauses included

protect your content, logo and visual media under copyright law.

Help protect your website from abuse or unlawful behaviour

outline the rules of conduct for your website and what behaviours will not be tolerated.

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Privacy Laws

Be compliant with EU regulations and generate a GDPR compliant Privacy Policies today.
Be compliant with California Laws and generate a CalOPPA compliant Privacy Policy today.
Be compliant with California Laws and generate a CPPA compliant Privacy Policy today.
Be compliant with US laws and generate a COPPA compliant Privacy Policy today.

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