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Do you find yourself thinking…

How can I protect my valuable online asset?
I know I need legal pages on my website but I don’t know where to begin.
I cannot afford a lawyer but I want to be legally covered.
How do I comply with data protection laws like GDPR, CaLOPPA and others?

If these sound familiar to you then we want you to know you’re not alone

At privacyterms.io (previously termsandconditionstemplate.com), we have been helping people cover their valuable online assets since 2013. We have helped bloggers, e-commerce stores and corporate business websites. In that time more than 600,000 websites and 1 million highly customised policies and terms have been generated by people just like you.

For small businesses, and upcoming bloggers, this means you can invest thousands of dollars on your business, while having a peace of mind on the legal front.

What you get

For just $44.95, your legal bundle includes:

Comprehensive Privacy Policy (100+ customisation options while generating)
Comprehensive Terms & Conditions Policy (100+ customisation options while generating)

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After you've got your privacy policy, you will get a prompt to go to the Terms & Conditions Generator. You can choose the preferences applicable to your business and copy the Terms & Conditions to your website.

Comprehensive Privacy Policy


Effective Date: 19-09-2020

We are committed to protecting Your privacy. This Privacy Policy describes how We collect, use, store, share and protect the information collected through https://example.com (the “Website”).
In this Privacy Policy, "We", "Us", and "Our" refer to example. For more information about Us, see “Our Details” at the end of this Policy.


Click below to jump to any section of this privacy policy

  1. Your Data
  2. Personal Data
    1. Data We Collect
    2. How We Collect Data
  3. Personal Data On Or From Social Media
  4. Use of Personal Data
  5. Sharing Of Personal Data
  6. Data Security
  7. Non-Personal Data
    1. Non-Personal Data
  8. Use of Non-Personal Data
  9. Personal & Non-Personal Data From Other Sources
  10. Your Choices
  11. Your Right to Access
  12. Your Right to Withdraw Consent
  13. Your Right to Update, Correct or Delete
  14. California Privacy Rights
  15. + More...

and more based on your customisations...

Various data protection laws like GDPR, PIPEDA, CalOPPA, Australian Privacy Act etc. require you to disclose your policy on how you collect your users' data, why and when you collect it and how you process or store it. Privacy Policies are required by law.

Our highly customisable privacy policy generator lets you select more than 100 options that are applicable to your business and you get a fully personalised, lawyer drafted privacy policy.

Highlights of your privacy policy:

Personal Data Section
GDPR Compliance (required if your blog has users in European Union and you are collecting their data in some capacity)
California Privacy Rights & Compliance Section (required if your blog has users from the state of California)
Cookie Policy
Rights for Non-EU Residents

much more with around 100+ options to fully customise for your unique business needs.

Comprehensive Terms & Conditions



Welcome to example.com (the "Website").

These Terms and Conditions ("Agreement") are a legal agreement that explain the terms and conditions that all visitors, users, clients and customers ("You", or "Your") must comply with when using the Website. By using the Website, You agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions in this Agreement.


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  1. Definitions
  2. User Rights and Responsibility
    1. Acceptable use
    2. Prohibited Use
  3. Our Content
  4. Trademarks/ No Endorsement
  5. Your Account
  6. Website Information
  7. Security
  8. Links to this Website
  9. Third Party Links
  10. Intellectual Property Rights
  11. Copyright Notice
  12. Disclaimers

and more based on your customizations...

A Terms and Conditions Policy is a legal contract between you and your users. It sets out the terms of use of your website and provides important information to your readers and customers while limiting your liability.

Having a terms and conditions policy increases customers and readers trust in you, protects your content, limits your liability, helps limit abuse and helps you to enforce the terms of your website.

Highlights of your terms and conditions policy:

Users Rights and Responsibilities
Comprehensive Refund Policy
Intellectual Property Rights
DMCA Notice
Limitation of Liability

much more with around 100+ options to fully customise for your unique business needs.

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